Getting into front-end development


"Where should I start if I'm thinking about getting into front-end development?". It's a question I've been asked a few times by people considering a career change into tech. When I realised I had a go-to list of resources, I thought it would make sense to share with a wider audience too.

Of course I'm no expert, and the below recommendations are only based on my personal experience so your mileage may vary!

Free online courses

Paid online courses

CSS learning fun:

Learning doesn't have to be hard work! Solidify your new CSS layout skills with these fun games.


I've found podcasts really useful for learning new topics, tips, and keeping up with new tech trends while getting on with other life things. Here are a few I recommend.

Events & Communities

Below are some of the community groups and events I recommended for my local area (Perth, Australia), but many cities will have similar groups.

I can't overstate how beneficial getting involved with the web community can be for your personal and professional development. Not only can it build a support network that will help keep you motivated when you get stuck, it could also help you find your first (and subsequent) developer roles.

Random tips:

Thought I would add a sprinkle of tidbits here before I leave you 😄

Good luck!

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Jess Budd is a front-end developer and web accessibility nerd. She helps run a meetup group for front-end devs, mentors women learning to code and has a love of technology and doggos.